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The basic framework for a character involves a few basic details. These describe a character in some detail, allowing a decent mental image or frame of reference for a visual example. It should cover as much as possible without becoming an essay. Everything should be a single line in length, with the exception of Description which should be no longer than a paragraph or two.

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Statistics Edit

Statistics are the "vitals" of a given character, to give a feel for their skills and natural prowess in some areas. Each would have an average of 40, with slight differences depending on the race (these can be found below, and at the bottom of each race's page), but the exact figures can vary from absolutely anywhere between 1 and 100. It should be noted, however, that extremes in either direction would be rare, and that the statistics must be suitable to the character you've giving. Lastly, try not to make too many Supermans, alright?

Strength: 1-100; the character's physical strength. The higher the score, the more muscular they are, and the greater the physical feats they are able to perform.

Endurance: 1-100; the character's physical resistances. A measure of how well they can endure physical hardships, such as harsh weather, long periods without food, water or sleep, long periods of exertion, or other such situations.

Intellect: 1-100; the character's ability to learn, and their problem-solving ability. Intellect isn't a measure of what a character knows, but their raw brain power. You could have an extremely intelligent but uneducated individual, or an unintelligent person who (over a long period of time) has slowly amassed large banks of knowledge.

Willpower: 1-100; the character's mental strength; it is a measure of how well they can resist trials of the mind, such as temptations or the effects of magic and drugs.

Personability: 1-100; the character's ability to charm others. This covers sweet-talking, seducing, intimidating, or otherwise using silver-tongued methods to influence others.

Aptitude: 1-100; the character's affinity for magic, either natural or trained. Aptitude is a measure of how easily an individual can tap into the power of the seven schools, and their overall ability to use it.

Reflexes: 1-100; the character's athletic ability. Reflexes give a measure of an individual's speed and physical agility.

History Edit

A brief (or detailed, if you wish it) summary of the character's life so far. Try to include important points, but don't go into so much detail as to make it a biography.

Personality Edit

Give a short explanation as to the type of person the character is. Are they friendly and open, or quiet and reserved? Do they work well with others or not? There are an infinite number of people in existence, and all are unique, so try to keep that in mind.

Miscellaneous Edit

Needless to say, there are going to be obscure factoids about every character that doesn't rightly fit into any of the above categories. So, they are to be listed in the Miscellaneous section.