The Sa'ern
Lifespan: 50-60 years
Maturity: 16 years
Gestation 280 days
Deity: n/a
Homeland: Serpent's Ocean
Population: 2,000

Sa'ern stand at roughly six and a half feet in height, and are kept perpetually lean and muscular by three ruling factors: a cartilage skeleton, an active lifestyle (being constantly on the move) and the high-pressure deep sea environs in which they live. While clearly bipedal, their legs feature two knee joints and digitigrade feet, which (along with their hands) feature slender digits connected by a thin webbing. Their skin is a gray-blue tone that allows them to blend into their surroundings near-perfectly, and they lack any trace of hair, fur, feather or scale. The Sa'erns' faces are elongated with a canine-like muzzle, which end in wide nostrils and a lipless mouth that is almost never fully closed. Their eyes are solid black with no identifyable pupil or iris, and rising from either side of their heads are two fins that resemble ears, but their actual ears are simply small holes at the bases of these fins.

The Sa'erns' skin is a wonder of genetics. The frequency of nerve endings is almost ten times that of a typical Pryconian or Hespero, and so they are as sensitive to touch anywhere on their bodies as a normal individual would be around an erogenus zone. It is through this skin that they perform several bodily functions; it osmoses oxygen from water and (at a stretch) very humid air, and expels their distestive waste from the soles of the feet and small of the back (constantly, and so as a frequency that resembles nothing more than sweat). Lastly, it is also how they exchange genetic material for reproduction; being so sensitive to touch, sensual contact triggers special pores on their skin and allows them to take in genetic material (such as skin cells).

They lack genders as the other races would know them, and are instead completely uniform on a reproductive level, though individuals will still show notably male or female characteristics; this is simply a matter of personality, however.


The Sa'ern were created in the early days of the Age of Gods by Naga, as the god's way of "marking" the oceans as his own territory. Not long after that, the serpent god all but forgot about the race, leaving them to fend for themselves. Since then, they have simply survived, never leaving the depths of the ocean. (To Be Continued)


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