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Nations: Edit

  • Kurs
  • Lycen
  • Lahr Koj, or Narrow Port
  • Seven
  • Ye'en

Races: Edit

  • Bento
  • Lutras
  • Omari - Haart, Liudae (formerly Wolf-Canid), Meikos (formerly Lion), Pryconian, Ralthos (formerly Tiger), Rojin, Uhr, Ye'en, Yoden (formerly Fox-Canid)
  • Reptus
  • Sa'ern
  • Seaborn

Racial Changes: Edit

  • Both Canisa and the Coalition fragmented, the subraces becoming indepentant and changing their names.
  • The Jackal and Coyote subraces bred into the Wolf and Fox and no longer exist, but increased the remaining races' genetic variation.
  • The Panther, Doma, Cheetah and Lynx bred into the Tiger and Lion and no longer exist, but increased the remaining races' genetic variation.
  • The Dingo, Ye'en and White Ones have since interbred into one race.
  • The Haart and Uhr races existed since the First Age, but weren't discovered by the other races until the Second Age.
  • The Rojin were formerly Fire Cult Pryconians, but were changed when the Fire Spirit ascended to become the god Cen.

Other Notes: Edit

  • The Second Age ended and the Third Age began when nine races united into one nation (the Omari of Lycen).
  • Standardized language: Hiken.
  • Electricity: steam and fossil fuels. Technology in place now includes radio transmission, trains, and electric lighting.
  • Ambient magic has significantly plummeted; only one in every thousand individuals is "attuned".
  • The gods aren't as actively worshipped, and act less in general. Individuals pay homage to "the gods"; worship of a specific god or pantheon is less common.

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